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Here's an old wish list for the gardner :)



... a place to collect ideas to make the garden even better ...


A: I'm not sure yet; it looks sharper, but the sharpening seems a bit uneven compared to the old version. So I don't know whether I prefer "sharper" or "more even". ... After looking at this some more, I think I slightly favor the old version, because it does look more even. On the other hand, the images are a lot smaller on the new version, which is a definite boon on a modem connection! --Brooks
A: This is quite hard I'd guess. Addition: in the new wiki software which I will eventually install (I am currently testing a lot -- MW sofware doesn't behave as expected) will be able to handle those parameters (note for myself: instructions here)
A: [update] I didn't remember what <context> does... Would we need a multiple pass solution? --pg
A2: Brooks seems to like LaTeX, perhaps he can tell more; I don't really remember how many time one needs to run it. I guess that we won't need BibTeX, but perhaps some proper indexing/cross referencing would be handy. Is running it two times enough? More than three times is probably already to much. --Mojca
A3:In most cases, LaTeX really only needs one run. It needs two runs to resolve any references that are referenced before they are created -- which, for Wiki examples (which don't have floats floating to later pages) is probably likely to be so infrequent as to be unnecessary. It occasionally needs more than two runs, but only in really rare cases, and we definitely won't see those on the Wiki. So, my answer would be to do two-pass (call "latex filename" twice) if it's easy to do, otherwise one-pass is probably sufficient. --Brooks 06:10, 9 Sep 2005 (UTC)








Example: if someone searches for hack in google and follows the link to supp-vis.tex, the site would open instead


The first two are implemented, see the help page. The third, well, needs some thinking and the link to the mailarchive will have to wait until I implement the new mailarchive. --pg

/code>; mostly in order to be able to compare LaTeX and ConTeXt results or to be able to describe the desired result in Category:From LaTeX

A: [update] I didn't remember what


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