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First Hint:

You changed/installed something and it doesn't work?

Did you run texhash (same as mktexlsr)?

If not, do it &#150; it rebuilds TeX's lsR database, used by kpathsea to find your files. Often the command needs administrator rights to take effect, on UNIXy OSes (Linux, MacOS X) try sudo texhash, on Windows XP you might need runas. (In MikTeX there's a similar command, "rebuild database" or the like.)

Second Hint:

You changed/installed something and it doesn't get used?

Did you run texexec --make -all after unpacking the archive?

If not, you probably should

Third Hint:

You changed/installed something, you updated the formats, but something still doesn't work?

Have you checked that your cont-sys.tex (and perhaps cont-usr.tex) is still up-to-date with the latest distributed cont-sys.ori (cont-usr.ori)?

More Hints:

Known bugs in ConTeXt releases:

Bug tracking for ConTeXt is provided as part of the luatex project, see also the Test suite page for more information

There is a list of missing items in texshow-web.