Colorful CD Inlay

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Another sample from Hans. Download the pdf or the tex file. This is what the result looks like:





    for i = .3 step .1 until .9 :
        fill fullsquare
            scaled 5cm
            shifted (i*10*5cm,0)
            withcolor transparent(1,.5,(i*red)) ;
        fill fullsquare
            scaled 5cm
            shifted (i*10*5cm,4cm)
            withcolor transparent(1,.5,(white-(i*red))) ;
    endfor ;
    addbackground withcolor .75white ;
    currentpicture := currentpicture xysized(OverlayWidth+.5pt,OverlayHeight+.5pt) ;


\defineoverlay[origin]  [\setups{origin}]

\startsetups origin
    \vbox to \overlayheight {
        \hfill Fiona Apple\enspace EM\enspace2005\quad\strut\endgraf

   I don't understand about complementary colors\quad
   And what they say\quad
   Side by side they both get bright\quad
   Together they both get gray\quad}