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[...] name
width dimension : width of the new size
height dimension : height of the new size
offset dimension : FIXME what is this?
scale number : scale width and height by this much


Using this command we can define a paper size.


% Create a paper that can accomodate 2x4 squares of 52x52mm
% (A9 is 37x52mm, and we're placing it both portrait and landscape)

% We want 2x3 pages.
\setuppaper[nx=2, ny=3, dx=0mm, dy=0mm] % must come before \setuparranging!

% Create two A9-derived paper sizes
\definepapersize[standing][A9]          [sheet]
\definepapersize[lying]   [A9,landscape][sheet]


  Page 1: standing pages from here on. \page
  Page 2. \page
  Page 3: lying pages from here on. \page
  Page 4. \page
  Page 5: adapted to standing \page
  Page 6: automatically back to lying \page

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