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[...] width flushleft flushright middle inner outer wide broad height bottom line reset hanging nothanging hyphenated nothyphenated

Description of keys

Horizontal alignment

normal *or* width *or* yes justified alignment
middle centered lines
flushleft *or* no *or* right left-aligned (The right is from 'ragged-right'. Don't use it.)
flushright *or* left right-aligned (Again, better to not use left.)
inner Flush to inner margin.
outer Flush to outer margin.
disable Used only for oneliners. Equivalent to flushleft, but something called \parfillskip is set to zero.
last Justified, with last line centered.

How wide do we let the lines get?

wide Lets ragged-right, ragged-left, and middle lines be wider. (Makes them be wider?)
broad Similar? Used in tables.

Where would we like the bottom line to end up?

bottom Ragged-ish bottom (the room for variation is but a single lineheight, of course).
height Fill the height: press the last line's baseline against the lower boundary.
line Let the last line's descenders touch the lower boundary.

Vertical alignment within boxes, e.g. \framed or table cells

high Align to top
low Align to bottom
lohi Vertically centered

Predefined combinations

table Equivalent to flushleft,broad,high
reset Equivalent to normal.
center Equivalent to middle,broad.

Typesetting direction --- which direction do you write in?

lefttoright *or* l2r "Hello, world."
righttoleft *or* r2l ".dlrow ,olleH"

Nicer justification and microtypography

hanging Enable hanging punctuation ('protrusion')
nothanging Disable hanging punctuation
hz Enable slight stretching of characters ('font expansion').
nohz Disable font expansion.
hyphenated Allow hyphenation.
nothyphenated Prevent hyphenation.
lesshyphenation Less hyphenation. Not sure whether this is relative/additive, or absolute.
morehyphenation More hyphenation. Not sure whether this is relative/additive, or absolute.
tolerant Allow uglier final paragraphs (more hyphenations, more stretching) to avoid

overfull hboxes.

verytolerant Allow even uglier paragraphs.
stretch Allow spaces to be stretched extra far. Can be combined with (very)tolerant, and usually is.



\input tufte

\input tufte

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