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Syntax (autogenerated)


color name
location left right
left text
right text
align flushleft middle flushright
option middle
strut yes no
distance dimension
margin dimension standard yes no
leftmargin dimension
rightmargin dimension
indentnext yes no
alternative name
spacebefore dimension
spaceafter dimension
separator text
numberconversion numbers characters Characters romannumerals Romannumerals text
...=...,... inherits from \setupcounter


Using option [way=bysection] resets the numbering to 1 at each new section, but does not prefix the numbers with the section number, to do that, use the following options: \setupformulae[way=bysection,prefixsegments=section]


In order to show all section numbering in the formula, one can use the prefixset option (by default it is limited to 3 levels, see strc-def) as follows:


\startplaceformula[reference=eq1] \startformula c^2 = a^2 + b^2 \stopformula \stopplaceformula
\startplaceformula[reference=eq2] \startformula c^2 = a^2 + b^2 \stopformula \stopplaceformula


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