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Syntax (autogenerated)

\startMPcode{...} ... \stopMPcode
{...}metafun minifun extrafun lessfun doublefun binaryfun decimalfun mprun metapost nofun doublepost binarypost decimalpost simplefun


{...} name of a MetaPost instance defined with \defineMPinstance


\startMPcode simply runs some MetaPost code and immediately inserts the resulting graphic. Optionally, you can specify a MetaPost instance to use; see \defineMPinstance.


This is the origin and radius of a circle:
    draw fullcircle scaled 2cm ;"(0,0)"),origin) ;
    draw fullcircle scaled 2cm ;
    drawarrow (0,0)--(1cm,0) ;"$r$"),(5mm,0)) ;

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