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Syntax (autogenerated)

\starttabulate[|...|][...=...,...] ... \stoptabulate
...=...,...inherits from \setuptabulate


\starttabulate ... \stoptabulate
\starttabulate[substyle] ... \stoptabulate
\starttabulate[...=...] ... \stoptabulate
\starttabulate[substyle][...=...] ... \stoptabulate
[substyle] preamble
[...=...] see \setuptabulate
... table contents


For the main article on this subject, see Tabulate.

Tabulate is a table-like environment to place information in rows and columns without placing vertical rules. There is an option to place horizontal rules with the command \HL. The tabulate environment knows left, right and center aligned columns for single line entries. For multiple line entries there is the p (paragraph) type column.


General keys:

| column separator
c center
l flush left
r flush right
p paragraph

Spacing keys:

i<n> set space left
j<n> set space right
k<n> set space around

The n multiplies the amount of space as setup in \setuptable. Default is 0.5em.

The width of a column can be set:

w(d) set column width at specified value, single line
p(d) set column width at specified value, paragraph
p use maximum column width for the paragraph

Font switches which apply for a whole column, they can be set in the preamble:

B bold
I italic
R roman
S slanted
T teletype
m inline math
M display math

Available hooks in the preamble:

f\command arbitrary fontswitch, defined by \command
b{ .. } contents between curley braces is placed before the entry
a{ .. } contents between curley braces is placed after the entry
A{ key } contents is aligned according to key (example: A{stretch})
h\command arbitrary command or macro, defined by \command

Switching columns and rows:

\NR next row make a new row
\NC next column go to next column
\EQ next column with columseparator go to next column
\HL horizontal line draw a horizontal


\NC question \NC Sometimes it is surprising to notice that writers,
independently of each other, explore the same theme along similar lines.
Three of the four books mentioned here fall into this category. Which
books do not belong in this list? \NC \NR

\starttabulate[|b{- }la{.}|l|l|]
\NC A \NC This Perfect Day \NC Ira Levin \NC \NR
\NC B \NC Opstaan op Zaterdag \NC Jan Gerhart Toonder \NC \NR
\NC C \NC Tot waar zal ik je brengen \NC Anton Koolhaas \NC \NR
\NC D \NC The City And The Stars \NC Arthur Clarke \NC \NR

This gives:

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