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Binaries are mostly taken from TeX Live 2007, but new ones are used whenever available.

Origin of the binaries

  • TeX Live 2007 for most binaries and most platforms
  • Akira's W32TeX for windows binaries (including metapost, LuaTeX, pdfTeX and XeTeX) - automatic
  • for pdfTeX, XeTeX, LuaTeX and metapost for other platforms added manually whenever possible (nice if it could be automated, but no idea how)
  • texmf/scripts/context/stubs from ConTeXt

List of included binaries

Core binaries

We will do our best to keep them as up to date as possible. If they're still not up to date for your platform and you know where to find them, please notify us, we will fix that. We might provide XeTeX and LuaTeX in separate packages (on TODO list).

  • pdftex
  • luatex
  • texlua, texluac (only symlinks on "unix" platforms, in Akira's distribution luatex.dll is used + 3 small executables)
  • xetex, xdvipdfmx
  • metapost
    • dvitomp
    • makempx
    • mpost
    • mpto (can this be replaced by ConTeXt's variant in future?)

Other binaries

  • kpathsea
    • kpseaccess
    • kpsestat
    • kpsewhich
  • different tools
    • bibtex
    • dvipos
    • mktexlsr
    • pdftosrc

Stubs & other ConTeXt-related

  • everything from texmf/scripts/context/stubs
  • luatools, mtxrun
  • texmfstart (take the latest version by Hans automatically: doesn't happen yet)


Might be removed or moved to a special category of "font-related binaries", and only available as an additional package.

  • only left for testing
    • afm2pl
    • afm2tfm
    • ttf2afm
  • Knuth's
    • pltotf
    • tftopl
    • vftovp
    • vptovf


  • dvipdfmx
  • dvips


The Standalone provides several versions of ConTeXt:

  • stable
  • beta (suggested for living-on-the-edge ones; will default to stable if not available)
  • alpha (rarely used; will use beta if not available)
  • experimental (only for testing - not meant for general use)
  • date-based ones (currenty only a few versions available - planning to improve)

You can use


to get the desired version.


Fonts are split in three packages:

  • used in both pdfTeX and XeTeX/LuaTeX: mostly math (pfb, map, enc, tfm)
  • used in pdfTeX only: pfb, map, enc, tfm (those that are not present in "common")
  • used in XeTeX/LuaTeX only: otf

Currently we have (the latest version, in sync with CTAN):

  • Latin Modern
  • Antykwa Torunska
  • Iwona & Kurier
  • TeX Gyre
  • ams

Other fonts to be added:

  • TODO

It is possible that we'll provide a really minimal package with LM only, and additional three packages (common, for new TeX, for old TeX) with all the other fonts.

  • fonts/data/<foundry>/<family|distro>/*
  • lm : always
  • gyre : all of them in one set, optional
  • rest : optional

Third-party modules & Other

  • TODO
  • also cont-* from Hans's page