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(this will move to a better place)


  • create files README and INSTALL
  • document environmental variables/different modes of installation

  • rename to
  • ask the user where to install ConTeXt and remove tex from top level


  • move tikz from texmf-context to texmf


  • make the command mtxrun --script update --update work
  • test system-wide installation
  • more sensible rsync output (not so much verbose, but keep should show what will be removed and what will be updated)
  • remove the --force switch and add dryrun with improved functionality (show what will be updated)
  • maybe replace --context= with --branch=
  • replace --extras= with --modules=
  • accept --modules=tikz, not only --modules=t-tikz
  • --all switch to get all modules and all fonts


  • set up a mirror at
  • offer others to set up a mirror

TeX Live

  • create packages for TeX Live 2009
  • create additional font packages (getnonfreefonts)
  • create own (git?) repository with those packages

add or rearrange

  • split LM from rest of the fonts
  • add font metric files from
  • add Charis SIL
  • fix mvs
  • add the lua configuration file
  • add tex4ht
  • try to add asymptote
  • try to add TeXworks (updated version)
  • split old and obsolete (font) binaries to a separate package
  • reorganize fonts into fonts/data/e-foundry/texgyre/<everything>
  • add unzip for windows

convince Hans

  • support texexec --make plain for pdftex


  • organize repositories
  • rewrite scripts to lua and back up regularly

Other notes

This is a description of how the first installation and any subsequent updates should work (or how it would be nice if they worked that way):

We need to:

  • create a file minimals.lua (or some other self-explanatory name):
    • rsync location (default: rsync://, could be anything)
    •  ??? installation location (default is simply the current location (pwd))
    • engines (default: all - pdftex, xetex, luatex, metapost)
    • formats (default: english + dutch context for all the installed engines, metapost, metafun; optional: other interfaces, plain pdftex, xetex)
    • fonts (need to be reorganized/improved anyway, perhaps a list of fonts should be fetched)
    • once in the future: supported font encodings for pdftex (default: texnansi, ec, optional: greek, t5, t2a, t2b, t2c, ...)
    • third party modules (list needs to be fetched form the garden, default)
    • context version (default: current, other options: beta, highly-experimental (for "Hans-and-Taco-only"), specific-date in the case of a fixed version issue a warning at next update)
    • interactive flag: shoud the script ask for changes interactively again or should it simply reaspect & use them (defaut: interactive for the first time, after that automatic)
  • improve first-setup(.sh, .bat) (or with some other self-explanatory name), which:
    • checks if rsync exists (if not, an error is issued, saying please install rsync first)
    • checks for perl and ruby and issues a similar error/warning (in fact, we can still proceed to the next step and download things even if perl & ruby are not installed, but that doesn't make much sense)
    • does rsync to installation files themselves (in case mtx-update has changed in the mean time)
    • reads in minimals.lua (which engines, formats, fonts, modules to download ...) if interactive is set to true, ask for default settings again, otherwise respect those settings and continue
    • asks for installation location
    • creates (or updates) the file with settings (if interactive)
    • fetch files with rsync
    • create formats

Rewrite this

We wanted to provide:

  • an easy to (no-need-to-)install ConTeXt distribution
  • a fast and convenient way to update ConTeXt and binaries to the latest version (no need to fetch 100 MB when only minimal modifications have been made in the distribution)
  • a reference ConTeXt distribution
  • an easy way to revert to an older ConTeXt (in case the latest one is broken)

We do not plan to provide:

  • LaTeX packages (perhaps the really-basic-latex as an add-on package, but only if someone else has time to investigate what is needed)
  • extensive support for whatever binaries or packages which are otherwise standard in TeX distributions: use TeX Live or MikTeX for that purpose