Even-odd rule in Metafun

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Metapost doesn't support even-odd rule filling so it uses a fake unfilling via a background color. This is problematic in cases when one deals with e.g. transparency. To overcome this difficulty, Metafun implements some extensions, such as eofill. To fill a shape using the even-odd rule we need a sequence of nofill ending with a eofill statement, as it can be seen in the following examples.

Some examples

%Adapted from Metafun's manual
nofill fullsquare scaled 2cm ;
nofill fullsquare scaled 2cm shifted (1cm,0) ;
eofill fullsquare scaled 2cm shifted (0,1cm) withcolor darkred;

    path A; A := (unitcircle shifted (-center unitcircle)) scaled 4cm;
    path B; B := (unitcircle shifted (-center unitcircle)) scaled 1cm;
    path C; C := B shifted (left*1.4cm);
    nofill A; nofill B; eofill C withcolor darkblue;