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This page is an attempt to write a general history of TeX, not only of ConTeXt

Indeed, there are a lot things to be said about the history of TeX and its siblings, and they can benefit to any user, whatever "flavour" of TeX he's used to, and the ConTeXt Garden seemed a nice place to start it, with its many active and enthusiastic users.

Towards an history of TeX

At the last conference in BachoTeX I (Arthur) gave a presentation entitled A brief history of TeX. Actually, this had been the second talk with that title since there was already one with that exact same title by Philip Taylor more than ten years ago, and Alan's Hoenig TeX unbound contains a section with that title, too.

Nevertheless, it seemed to me that all that was not nearly enough, because both talks addressed only particular aspects of TeX's history, and there was much more to be done, be it only by gathering the different references on a single place. The first one I should quote is TUG's Interview Corner, with a lot of interviews of people involved in the TeX community. There are also a few references at the bottom of that page.

Another interesting resource used to be the LORIA's (La)TeX navigator, and in particular its historical page, but it is now somewhat outdated.

And of course there is my own article (File:Bhot proceedings.pdf), enhancing my talk, which---so I hope!---makes an interesting reading. Arthur 21:15, 19 November 2007 (CET)