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ConTeXt's direct XML processing allows a rather mighty management of pictures with an XML database. You can not only store images in this way, officially this technique is now named "Resource Libraries".

Here you can make such files online. (PDF interface!)

XML database file: MKII

<figurelibrary language="en">
	<organization>Pragma ADE</organization>
	<project>ConTeXt Wiki</project>
	<comment>pictures for ConTeXt Wiki</comment>

XML database file: MKIV

<rl:library language="en">

       <rl:project>ConTeXt Wiki</rl:project>
       <rl:product>product pictures</rl:product>
       <rl:comment>pictures for ConTeXt Wiki</rl:comment>


Making a PDF list MKII

texexec --pdf --use=fig-make --mode=compact myfile

Making a PDF list MKIV

context --input=figure-lib.xml auto:x-res-01.mkiv --result=figure-lib

Use pictures from database

\usemodule	[fig-base]
\usefigurebase	[myfile]

\externalfigure	[reference] % like in <label>