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In LaTeX, there is a form of metadata common to many classes, known as the \thanks command. It is essentially an un-numbered footnote that comes out of sequence with the rest of the footnotes. It can be simulated in ConTeXt simply by defining another note type (see \setupfootnotes for a rough idea of the available parameters):

\definenote[thanks][conversion=set 2]

And used with the usual note and referencing commands:

{\bfc This is a title\footnote{This is an unnecessary footnote.}}

\subject{          % just a cheap heading without explicitly renaming it `\author'
A. U. Thor\thanks[Misk]{A. U. Thor and W.H. Gates, III, are at Miskatonic U.}, 
A. N. Onymouse\thanks{A. N. Onymouse is at Shoggoth Enterprises.}, and
W. H. Gates, III\note[Misk]

Footnotes\footnote{Another note} return here.

In Mark IV you should use numberconversion instead of conversion.

This bare example looks like:


An alternative approach is given here: