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The PracTeX Journal is a TeX User Group sponsered online journal practical articles on "how to get things done" using TeX and friends. A typical issue of The PracTeX Journal may include:

  • articles on projects or activities accomplished through the use of TeX
  • short articles about problems that were resolved through the use of TeX or problems with TeX that were resolved
  • a write-up on how to use a useful LaTeX package
  • a column by a guest columnist
  • questions answered by a guest expert
  • a column for beginners
  • relevant announcements

To write an article for The PracTeX Journal, the following sample can be used


% Replace the text inside <+ ... +>

  [    title=<+ Title of article +>,
      author=<+ name of author +>,
     address={<+ address of author +>},
    revision={y=2006,m=11,d=14}, % Date in keyvalue format.
   copyright=<+ Copyright statement +>,

\useURL[website][<+ url of author's website+>] %Optional
\useURL[email][mailto:<+author's email id+>][][<+author's email id+>]

%D If any of the above information is not provided, the corresponding entry
%D will not apprear in the title.

<+ Write abstract here +>

\starttext  \setups[title]

<+ Write your article \unknown +>


The documentation is in the comments in the module. To generate the pdf documentation you can run

 texmfstart texexec --module kpse:s-ptj-01.tex --result=s-pracjourn