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otfinstall is a small ruby script that allows you to install OpenType fonts and use them with pdftex/context. It is a frontend to the lcdf type tools, so you need them installed (they come with the texlive 2007).


get otfinstall from [1]. Unzip it and have a look at the example scripts in the directory examples.

Example usage

To run otfinst.rb you need a oinst file. It looks like this:

vendor      "adobe"
collection  "chaparral"

# 'sans' or 'serif'
fontclass   "serif"

# Allowed variants are 'default', 'osf'
variants    %w(default osf)

# Supported faces are 'regular' 'bold' 'italic' and 'bolditalic'
regular     "ChaparralPro-Regular.otf"
bold        "ChaparralPro-Bold.otf"
italic      "ChaparralPro-Italic.otf"
bolditalic  "ChaparralPro-BoldIt.otf"

Then you can run otfinst.rb like this:

ruby otfinst.rb -f <where your fonts are> yourfont.oinst

The fonts have to be in the directory given in the command line, such as

ruby otfinst.rb -f otffonts yourfont.oinst

and the directory structure has to be like this (from the example above)

`-- adobe
    `-- chaparral
        |-- ChaparralPro-Bold.otf
        |-- ChaparralPro-BoldIt.otf
        |-- ChaparralPro-Italic.otf
        `-- ChaparralPro-Regular.otf

The result is a texmf directory in tds layout with all necessary files for ConTeXt/pdftex. Just copy these files into your local texmf tree or set the TEXMFHOME environment variable to use the fonts. There is also a sample file in texmf/tex/example.


current version is 0.3

Please report problems to patrick <at> contextgarden.net