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[ SciTE] is a [ Scintilla] based text editor. Originally built to demonstrate Scintilla, it has grown to be a generally useful editor with facilities for building and running programs. The ConTeXt distribution includes files which can be used to configure SciTE for editing and building ConTeXt documents.

=Installing SciTE for ConTeXt=

==Installing on Windows==

The following procedure has been found to work, assuming that the current ConTeXt distribution is installed in the folder C:\tools\context.

* Download the SciTE Windows binaries from [ SciTEDownload] to a suitable location on the target machine, e.g. C:\Tools\scite.

* Copy the contents of C:\tools\context\texmf-context\context\data\scite to C:\tools\scite\wscite.

* Create a batch file C:\Tools\scite\cscite.bat for use with SciTE. This runs setuptex.bat before launching SciTE. The contents of this batch file should be:
rem Use to start SciTE for ConTeXt
@echo off
cd \tools\context
call setuptex
cd \tools\scite\wscite
start scite.exe %1%

* After initial installation, add the following to the
<pre>import context</pre>

* Local settings are defined in

Building a ConTeXt document is as simple as opening it in the editor and pressing [F7].

=== Building using MKii ===
There are still some problems with MKiv, but SciTE builds using MKiv by default, to change to MKii alter
the file as follows:
#name.context.texexec=$(name.context.mtxrun) --script context $(name.texexec.flag.pdfopen)
name.context.texexec=$(name.context.mtxrun) --usekpse texexec $(name.texexec.flag.pdfopen)

=== Using [Cntrl-2] ===
The default behaviour for [Cntrl-2] is to open a PDF using GhostView, to get it to use Acrobat Reader, proceed as follows:
* Edit the file to include the line:
then edit the lines beginning "command.2" as follows:
command.2.$(file.patterns.context)=$(name.context.acrobat) $(FileDir)\$(FileName).pdf
command.2.$(file.patterns.example)=$(name.context.acrobat) $(FileDir)\$(FileName).pdf
* Make sure that the PATH environment variable includes the directory of the Acrobat executable (e.g. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader).

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