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→‎ConTeXt-aware: Added lini to Emacs-muse
<td> y </td>
<td> y </td>
<td> Extremely powerful & highly configurable text editor for CTRL- and ALT- key lovers.<br> The official AUCTeX distribution beginning with 11.50 has ConTeXt support. Berend de Boers ConTeXt mode for Emacs has been merged with the former ConTeXt support in AUCTeX by Patrick Gundlach. [[More AUCTeX]] has further AUCTeX customization for ConTeXt. If you write documents with bibliographies, indexes, or cross-references, you may also be interested in [[Using reftex with ConTeXt]]. There is also [[ConTeXt_and_emacs-muse|Emacs-muse]] which is an extension.</td>
</tr> <tr>
<td> [[Vim]] </td>

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