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ConTeXt Support Package for Notepad++.  This package is for Notepad 4.2, released August 12 2007, or later. The file config.xml in particular may not work with other versions, especially if you start it with the batch file.  Instructions:  * Download the installation files from the Notepad++ web-site. <i>From the installer, you MAY not want to use the default destination folder, 'Notepad++'. texexec and company choke on directory names with characters like '+' in them. So you could change it to, eg, 'Notepadpp'. So if you plan on linking the ConTeXt utilities with the notepad installation directory somehow then you may want to change its name.</i> In the following it is assumed that the installation directory name remains 'Notepad++'  <i>You may also want to check the installation option, "Don't use %APPDATA%". Then all your configuration settings will be saved in the installation directory. This is because, even if you rename the installation directory, the name of the local user application directory will still be 'Notepad++'.</i> In the following it is assumed that all configuration files are saved in \<username>\Application Data\Notepad++.  * You may want to install a few plugins. The installer will give you a list of plugins you can select. Go to the following links for details:  The NppExec plugin is required and has been configured for ConTeXt.  In the following it is assumed that you have also installed the Explorer and NppExec plugins.  * Ensure that Notepad++ is in your path. If not, add C:\Program Files\Notepad++ to your system path in System Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > System Variables > PATH.  * In System Properties, make LNK files executable. Go to System Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > System Variables > PATHEXT. Click on Edit and add ".LNK;"  * Now log out and log back in (to activate the environment variables).  * Make sure Notepad++ is closed.  * There are three zips within the package:  Application Program  * Copy the directory Program Files\Notepad++ to Program Files.  * Copy the directory Application Data\Notepad++ to Application Data.  * Copy the contents of the directory ConTeXt to your ConTeXt tree.  * For processing ConTeXt files, always use the batch file npp.bat to open Notepad++. npp.bat is based on cscite.bat. You can change the icon for a shortcut to the batch file by going to the shortcut properties, Change Icon, and point it to Program Files\Notepad++\Notepad++.exe. * A note: In Preferences, always leave the option "Remember the last operation directory" unchecked.  * Edit batch files in the ConTeXt directory to suit your needs. Please forward any major improvements! ==Installation problems==Sometimes there are slight problems with the above installation. This section attempts to address them. {{Todotodo|Some notes would be useful still need to add help for problems here.}}
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