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Formatting help
If you are uncertain how a special markup looks like or if you want to try out things, go to the '''For Formatting help see [http://sandboxwww.contextgardenmediawiki.netorg/ sandboxwiki/Help:Formatting]. '''
== General ==
[[source:type-akb.tex| type-akb.tex]]
[[manual:cont-eni.pdf| ConTeXt, the manual]] or [[magazine:0008|Magazine 8]]
[[modules:t-bnf| bnf module]]
[[gardenbugs:5| bug nr. 5]]
[[article:80|A Few Dangerous Features]]
Looks like:
* [[source:type-akb.tex| type-akb.tex]] -- source files of ConTeXt
* [[manual:cont-eni.pdf| ConTeXt, the manual]] or [[magazine:0008|Magazine 8]] -- manuals on* [[modules:t-bnf| bnf module]] -- [ third party modules]* [[cmd:goto|\goto]] -- links to the definition of the command in [ texshow-web] command reference (deprecated way: <code><nowiki><cmd>about</cmd></nowiki></code> gives <cmd>about</cmd>)* [[gardenbugs:5| bug nr. 5]] -- bugs* [[article:80|A Few Dangerous Features]] * [[publication:1|MAPS]] -- MAPS articles  == Tables == == Categories & Templates == === How to add a category? === === How to add a template? ===  {{todo|This page still needs quite some work}}

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