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Grid parameters
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<td class="cmd">[[Reference/en/keyword:grid|grid]]</td>
<td>[[Reference/en/value:yes|yes]] [[Reference/en/value:no|no]] more see below</td>
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== comment ==
What is needed is a picture of a page with each of these layout parameters indicated. (see [[Layout]])
You can use the [[cmd:showframe|\showframe]] macro to see the results of your layout. Just put the command before the \starttext and lines will be drawn on your document showing the different areas.
=== Grid Setups ===
At least in MkIV "grid" takes some presets as parameter:
% none don't enlarge
% halfline enlarge by halfline/halfline
% line enlarge by line/line
% strut enlarge by ht/dp (default)
% first align to top line
% last align to bottom line
% mindepth round depth down
% maxdepth round depth up
% minheight round height down
% maxheight round height up
% local use local interline space
% shift:-3tp vertical shift within box
\definegridsnapping[normal] [maxheight,maxdepth,strut]
\definegridsnapping[standard] [maxheight,maxdepth,strut]
\definegridsnapping[yes] [maxheight,maxdepth,strut]
\definegridsnapping[strict] [\v!maxdepth:0.8,maxheight:0.8,strut]
\definegridsnapping[tolerant] [\v!maxdepth:1.2,maxheight:1.2,strut]
\definegridsnapping[top] [minheight,maxdepth,strut]
\definegridsnapping[bottom] [maxheight,mindepth,strut]
\definegridsnapping[both] [minheight,mindepth,strut]
\definegridsnapping[broad] [maxheight,maxdepth,strut,0.8]
\definegridsnapping[fit] [maxheight,maxdepth,strut,1.2]
\definegridsnapping[first] [first]
\definegridsnapping[last] [last]
\definegridsnapping[high] [minheight,maxdepth,none]
\definegridsnapping[low] [maxheight,mindepth,none]
\definegridsnapping[line] [line]
\definegridsnapping[strut] [strut]
\definegridsnapping[max] [maxdepth,maxheight,strut]
\definegridsnapping[min] [mindepth,minheight,strut]


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