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Yes, you may (mainly because we are still glad if the users who hate signing in can nevertheless contribute), but you are highly <b>discouraged</b> to do so. Please, sign in before contributing if possible. Even if you use a username/nickname with no resemblance to your real name, this is still better than not signing in at all.
=== How do I edit the first page? ===
First page is protected to avoid spammers. However, you can still edit it (let's hope for stupid spammers). Type '''Template:Main Page''' after and edit that template.
=== How do I sign when posting a comment? ===
* <code><nowiki>~~~</nowiki></code> will expand into <nowiki>[[User:Yourusername|Yournickname]]</nowiki>, so basically your <b>nickname</b> will be shown
* <code><nowiki>~~~~</nowiki></code> will also add a <b>timestamp</b> next to your nickname
So you will usually write <code><nowiki>--~~~</nowiki></code> or <code><nowiki>--~~~~</nowiki></code>
=== What are the other commands to edit this wiki? ===
The markup used in this wiki is a general MediaWiki markup and is described in the [ MediaWiki User Guide] (esp. ).
Most of the following markup on this help page is specific for contextgarden. So, read on!

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