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Arthur about poor documentation
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== A poem about documentation ==
Not a poem, but well written:[ by Arthur] == What if Hans's were hit by a bus ==
* Taco's brilliant [ answer] to this question
== ConTeXt logic ==
Steffen Wolfrum [ bewildered] at ConTeXt syntax:
== Where is my update? ==
Vnpenguin was [ confused] why he was not able to update ConTeXt, until Hans resolved the mystery.
== Can you run it for me? ==
Peter Rolf asking R. Bastian [ not to be afraid]:
== Finite Life ==
The following exchange between the Philosophers Ludovicus Scarso
and Ioannes Hagenius could be observed on the mailing list[].
> Live is too short to learn all those languages and stay
> fluent in them, i.e. one simply forgets a lot when usage zeros.
we should start to think how to to become immortal.
== Installation chant ==
Patrick shared this conversation on 2011-12-21:
Hello Marek,
> Hi Mr. Gundla
> Just want to say Im very dissapointed that no installing package of ConText exist.
> I mean like you install things in Win – two cliks and Done!
> I was studying ConText whole afternoon and i liked it – But – im very very sick of this kind of installing.
> It just makes people like me to hate the whole thing about trying something else then MS Word.
> I was eager to learn this ConText ant than BIIIIIIG! Frustration cause i could not run it.
> All those versions of packages - i wanted to shoot myself.
> Yea, i know you dont get paid for this, BUT - come on Mr. Gundla.
> Is it that hard to make one ABSOLUTE DUMMY PACKAGE (you geeks can call it
> how you want i know you like to use word dummies for people who are lesser geeks than you :) )
> two cliks and lalala!
> Hello Word! You save afternoon to many other people :D Just think about it, ok?
Well, ConTeXt _is_ hard to install. First you have to sacrifice one of your family members.
Afterwards, you need to hum the magic chant in order to open your spirit.
After you have done that, please draw a circle around your computer and put candles on it, making the shape of a pentagram.
Now, and this is important, go six times clockwise around that circle, six times counter clockwise
and then six times clockwise again.
After that, turn on your computer and start your webbrowser and go to
and download the installer.
Sincerely your Mr. Gundla
== Wolfgang Interface ==
> Gosh this list is nice! Reminds me of the "good old days" when we
> used UUCP, bang-paths and C-News to communicate (or the early
> ARPANET days): polite, expert, very willing to share knowledge &c.
Wolfgang is ConTeXt's natural language interface.
In fact, with careful use of the filter module and a couple of mail
programs, it should be possible to create something like:
[filtercommand={ ... code to send email and fetch reply ... },
Hello list,
I wonder if anyone could tell me how to implement the following in
... description goes here ...
It's important to include the cache=yes, so Wolfgang only has to reply
= Comparison between various TeX and GUI systems =
William Adam on the difference between [[Comparison_between_ConTeXt_and_other_typesetting_programs|TeX and other GUI document design systems]]
= Arthur about poor documentation =
Arthur posted [ this message] to the mailing list:
For what it's worth, I agree with you, Michael. ConTeXt developers seem to be
unable to express their ideas clearly. It's sad to see such deficient
communication skills, and it's to be expected that if they go on all their
knowledge is going to be lost.
You're right, again, and I thank you for pointing this simple fact that, alas,
only a few have noticed until now. Hopefully we will see better than
unintelligible scribbles being passed out as documentation in the future.
Here some preceding messages to see the context:
* [ Hans about documentation]
* [ Michael complaining]
* [ link to Hans' message]
* [ Michael complaining again]
= Pictures =
== Future ConTeXt Users ==
[[Future ConTeXt Users]]
== Super Wolfgang ==
A [ cartoon] by Duane Bibby at the Fourth ConTeXt meeting
= Common errors =
[[ Common errors ]]


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