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\NC Befehl Command \NC Bedeutung Meaning \NC\SR
\NC \tex{NC} \NC next column \NC\FR
The different "row end" commands make a better spacing. Better use <cmd>SR</cmd>, <cmd>FR</cmd>, <cmd>MR</cmd>, <cmd>LR </cmd> instead of <cmd>NR</cmd>. You can also use <cmd>AR </cmd> instead of <cmd>SR</cmd>, <cmd>FR</cmd>, <cmd>MR </cmd> and <cmd>LR </cmd> (AR for automatic row).
If you need information about <cmd>placetable</cmd> look after <cmd>placefloat</cmd> in the manual!
If you'd like to leave out the table's caption, you can't simply leave the braces empty but must write <tt>none</tt>!
This mode is based on Michael Wichura's TaBlE package for PlainTeX. The official manual for it is commercial (about 40 USD), see [ PCTeX] -- but note that the TaBlE manual only talks about the original syntax, which does not use \<cmd>NC</cmd>, \<cmd>HL </cmd> cum suis.
The only ConTeXt docs about it are in [ ms-cb-en.pdf].
The sample looks like this:
\placetable[here][tab:sample]{sample table}
\NC Command \NC Meaning \NC\SR
\NC \tex{NC} \NC next column \NC\FR
\NC \tex{HL} \NC horizontal line \NC\MR
\NC \tex{VL} \NC vertical line \NC\MR
\NC \tex{NR} \NC next row \NC\LR
\NC \tex{SR} \NC single row \NC\FR
\NC \tex{FR} \NC first row \NC\MR
\NC \tex{MR} \NC middle row \NC\MR
\NC \tex{LR} \NC last row \NC\LR
\NC \tex{AR} \NC automatic row \NC\SR


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