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'''Blackboard bold''' is probably the most common way of denoting the "standard" number sets: the natural numbers, the integers and so on. In AMS-LaTeX, you use the <code>\mathbb{...}</code> command to obtain them; the ConTeXt way is the <code>\blackboard{...}</code> command. Also, the following commands are defined:
* <code>\naturalnumbers</code>
* <code>\integers</code>
* <code>\rationals</code>
* <code>\reals</code>
* <code>\complexes</code>
as well as <codecontext source=yes>\naturalnumbers\integers\rationals\reals\complexes,\primes \blackboard{F}\blackboard{O}</codecontext> for blackboard bold P.
See also [[Doublestroke]] for an alternative to the msbm font.


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