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== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] (autogenerated) ==
== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] ==
<table cellspacing="4" cellpadding="2" class="cmd">
<td colspan="2" class="cmd">\capCAP<span class="first" >{...}</span></td>
<tr valign="top" class="first">
== Description ==
Obsolete in MkIV. In MkII, changes letters preceded by <code>\\</code> to small capitals.
== Example ==
<context source=yes>
In Fortran 77 keywords like \contextversionnumber\crlf\CAP{A \\user \\sometimes \\needs a SMAL\\L cap{function\\ital} are caps.
== See also ==
<!{{See also casing commands}} == Help from ConTeXt-- something like [[cmdMailinglist/Forum ==All issues with:goto{{Forum|\goto]] -->{{SUBPAGENAME}}}}

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