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although both variants does do work.  =Itemization inside a tabulation (added by Willi Egger 04-08-2011) When using an itemization inside a tabulation where one uses also the <texcode>\head</texcode> command there occurs a snapping problem. This is related to penalties which force a twoline split whereas the snapping mechanism prevent this. As a result two lines are typeset on top of each other. The solution is to add the following statement to the preamble:<texcode>\tabulatesplitlinemode \plustwo</texcode> Example with normal tabulatesplitlinemode: <context source="yes">\starttabulate[|p|]\NCone \par\blank[penalty:10000]two \par\blank[penalty:10000]three\NC\NR\stoptabulate</context> Example with <texcode>tabulatesplitlinemode</texcode> set to <texcode>\plustwo</texcode>: <context source="yes">\tabulatesplitlinemode \plustwo\starttabulate[|p|]\NCone \par\blank[penalty:10000]two \par\blank[penalty:10000]three\NC\NR\stoptabulate</context> 
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