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=== item template ===
: Template for the item in the glossary.
: Definitions can link to commands in [ texshow] (eg. [[{{cmd:clonefield|\clonefield]]}}) and pages in [ contextgarden] (eg. [[Table]]).
: ''See:'' [[#simple item template|simple item template]]
: ''See also:'' [[#simple item template|simple item template]]
=== version ===
: Due to rapid ConTeXt development its versions are marked with date & time stamp. You can print the actual version in the document with [[{{cmd:contextversion|\contextversion]]}}, or you can check version more thoroughly on commandline with <code>texmfstart texexec --check</code>.
: Developers sometimes speak about [[#mark version|mark version]]. It is related to different TeX [[#engine|engines]] and regular user should be aware only of date & time stamp.

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