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'''For Formatting help see []'''
== General ==
this is still better than not signing in at all while editing.
=== How What commands do I use to edit the first pagethis wiki? ===
First page is protected to avoid spammers. HoweverIn order of increasing generality, you can still edit it (lethave a look at: * Mediawiki's hope for stupid spammers)[http://www.mediawiki. Type org/wiki/Help:Formatting guide to formatting]* Mediawiki'''Templates [ guide to editing in general]* [http:Main Page''' after contextgarden//meta.wikimedia.netorg/wiki/ MediaWiki_User%27s_Guide Mediawiki User Guide]* There are some special commands and edit that templatetemplates available on this wiki; they are described on the rest of this page.
=== How do I sign when posting a comment? ===
* '''You type:''' <code><nowiki>--~~~</nowiki></code> will expand into <nowiki>(three tildes)* '''Looks like:''' --[[User:YourusernameEsteis|YournicknameEsteis]]</nowiki>, so basically your <b>nickname</b> will be shown* <code><nowiki>~~~~</nowiki></code> will also add a <b>timestamp</b> next to your nickname So you will usually write <code><nowiki>--~~~</nowiki></code> or <code><nowiki>--~~~~</nowiki></code>
=== What are the other commands to edit this wiki? ===* '''You type:''' <code><nowiki>--~~~~</nowiki></code> (four tildes)* '''Looks like:''' --[[User:Esteis|Esteis]] 16:37, 14 June 2012 (CEST)
The markup used in this wiki is a general MediaWiki markup and is described in === How do I edit the [ MediaWiki User Guide] (esp. ).Main Page? ===
Most of the following markup on this help page The Main Page is specific protected to avoid spammers. However, you can still edit it (let's hope for stupid spammers). Type '''Template:Main Page''' after contextgarden. So, read on!net/ and edit that template.
== In-line elements ==
You can use references to other garden projects. Use the following syntax to create links to the other contextgarden projects:
=== ConTeXt commands ===
| <context>
The wiki 's default is ConTeXt Mark II: \crlf
=== Displaying TeX or ConTeXt code alone ===
For displaying TeX and ConTeXt source code use <code><nowiki><texcode> ... </texcode></nowiki></code>.
{| class=wikitable

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