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Add {{cmd|setupcaption}} to See Also
== Description ==
With <code>\place''float''[''location''][''ref'']{''caption''}{''contents''}</code> you can declare that you want to take certain contents, and place them on the page as a (numbered) figure, table, graphic, or intermezzo, or as some other object ''float'' type that you defined using {{cmd|definefloat}}. <code>''ref''</code> is an optional reference label; <code>''location''</code> is an optional positioning key. There are a great many positioning keys defined; the following table describes them.
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* {{cmd|definefloat}} to define a new kind of float object.
* {{cmd|startcombination}} to place multiple figures.
* {{cmd|setupcaption}} to place the caption differently than 'below and centered'.
== Help from ConTeXt-Mailinglist/Forum ==

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