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== In-line elements ==
=== Linking to source files ===
Practically all of ConTeXt's source files are stored in the directory {{code|.../tex/context/base</code}}. There are two templates to link to online versions copies of the source filefiles.
Link to the most recent version (recommended):
== Block elements ==
=== Displaying ConTeXt output (and source) ===
This wiki allows you to type ConTeXt code to obtain a PNG of the resultant output, with extraneous whitespace cropped. This is very useful for including in-page examples. Below are two simple ones; for more, see [[Help:Context]]. When using MkIV, it is good practice to include a comment '{{code|1=% mode=mkiv'}}: otherwise, the reader will have no indication that the example is compiled with MkIV instead of the usual MkII.
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