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will not stop at the ) so, although with measures it normally goes okay, personally I always use \relax as terminator; the \relax will be eaten up so there is no interference but it guarantees to stop scanning.
<code>;Example: \definemeasure[ColumnC][30mm] \definemeasure[ColumnD][40mm] \definemeasure[ColumnCDi][\the\dimexpr(\measure{ColumnC}+\measure{ColumnD})\relax]</code>
;Further examples:
 <code> \footnote{\input tufte \relax} \par \definepapersize[bigsheet][width=\dimexpr\paperwidth+6mm\relax,height=\dimexpr\paperheight+6mm\relax] \setupTABLE[c][3][width={\dimexpr(\textwidth-2cm)* 2 / 3\relax}] \definemeasure[topspace] [\dimexpr(210mm-31mm*5)/2\relax]</code>

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