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== Introduction ==
<div style="border: 3px solid red; background: #ffaaaa; padding: 0.4em;">
<div style="font-size: 1.3em; fontweight: bold">Warning!</div>
If you consider using ConTeXt for a paper with a proper formula numbering please wait until it is implemented in mkiv. At the moment only a very limited formula numbering is possilbe:
* number formula(s) with a plain number
* number formula(s) with a subnumber
Not possible is at the moment:
* Table of formulas
* Named subformulas
* Mixure of formulas and subformulas in one block
* Reference on a (sub-)formula without having it listed in the Table of formulas
For more details and actual state see mailing list and [ Summary of formula numbering problem].
TeX was designed for ease of typesetting books that contained mathematics. As ConTeXt is built on top of TeX, it inherits all those features. In addition to these, ConTeXt adds lot of macros to make the typesetting of mathematics easier.
$ ... $ % TeX style. Deprecated.\m{ ... } % one brief command\math{ ... } % two verbose commands
\mathematics{ ... }
* Math sub-alignment
* [[Math spacing]]
* Discussion: [[User_talk:Zenlima | summary of formula numbering problems]] (comment: unverified)
==Math Fonts==
==Number Formatting==
There's a special command, {{<cmd|>digits}}</cmd>, with its own manual about formatting numbers, see [ Pasting digits together]
==Evaluating expressions in ConTeXt==

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