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fixed examples that aren't self-contained
for the heading of a chapter, section etc. E.g.
<context mode="mkiv" source="yes"texcode>
\definesimplefont[ChapterFont][Gentium Basic][size=24pt]
but Wolfgang doesn’t recommend this command anymore (and removed it from the new, Oct. 2013 version) because you can get the same result with a custom typeface, e.g.
<context mode="mkiv" source="yes"texcode>\definesimplefonttypeface[chapterfont][Gentium BasicTeX Gyre Termes]
\definefont[ChapterFont][\classfont{chapterfont}{Serif} at 24pt]
When you want to change only the global font for your document you
need the <code>\definesimplefonttypeface</code> command, e.g.
<context mode="mkiv" source="yes"texcode>\definesimplefonttypeface[documentfont][Gentium BasicTeX Gyre Termes]
=== Handling special cases ===


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