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a workaround of the "reset counter" bug; the names of the counters' commands
Strange, \type{\tt getnumber} worked.
Using \type{\tt getnumber} does not work.
Ok, the test with \type{\tt rawcountervalue} worked.
Strange, \type{\tt rawcountervalue} failed.
== Forcing the Reset of a Counter ==
Due to a current bug[], counters are reset by chapter, page, etc. only when they are incremented.
To force the reset, you can increment and then decrement a counter before using it.
\page % new page, mycounter should be reset
\rawcountervalue[mycounter] % no, it's not reset: you still get '10'
\rawcountervalue[mycounter] % now you should get '0' because it has been reset
== \definenumber or \definecounter ? ==
In ConTeXt MkIV {{cmd:definecounter}}, {{cmd:incrementcounter}}, etc. seem to be preferred to {{cmd:definenumber}}, {{cmd:incrementnumber}}, etc.
== Names of Commonly Used Counters ==


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