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= Paragraph formatting =
Mark IV extends the <{{cmd>|definefontfeature</cmd> }} to make full use of the lua opentype engine by adding
'''mode=node''', and various opentype tags features that you want on or off. In the distribution, there is only one case of this:
This means there are two things you have to watch out for:
# You should load the MP packages you need in <{{cmd>|startMPinclusions</cmd>}}..<{{cmd>|stopMPinclusions</cmd>}}; not inside a graphic.
# You have to make sure that you do not re-state equations that were already solved in a previous graphic.
These are in fact the exact same rules that you have to adhere to in mkii MkII if <{{cmd>|runMPgraphicsfalse</cmd> }} is active.
mkii The MkII way was
= Logos =
The logo commands (<{{cmd>|definelogo</cmd> }} c.s.) do not exist in MkIV; use layers instead.
= Itemizations =
''Bare'' <{{cmd>|item</cmd> }} paragraphs (without enclosing list) are not allowed.
= Nomarking/Select =
<{{cmd>|nomarking</cmd> }} is currently broken and will likely be removed from MkIV; use <{{cmd>|select</cmd> }} instead:
There was a change in the default path search for external figures, but I don't know the exact details off-hand.
IIRC, the main problem is that texmf tree images are now found before local images. To change this ordering,
use the <tt>location</tt> key to <{{cmd>|setupexternalfigures</cmd>}}:
In MkIV, after <tt>\setuphead[section][placehead=no]</tt> there may still be some output on the page, because MkIV stores the reference target(s) to the section in an invisible box on the current page. Use <tt>\setuphead[section][placehead=hidden]</tt> if that interferes with the rest of your typesetting.

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