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== How to Typeset URLs ==
=== E-Mail mailto Example for Mailto #1 ===
<context source=yes>
\useurl [mymail] [mailto:nobody@example.zzz] [] [visible@mailaddress.zzz] \starttext  Send your spam to \from[mymail]!  
  === Another solution Example for Mailto #2 ===
<context source=yes>
=== Other ways Example for WWW ({{cmd|goto}}) ===
Another way of typesetting URLs is the {{cmd|goto}}: \goto{#1}[#2] command. This expects the description text as first argument and the actual URL as the second one; note that it has to be wrapped in url(#2) to create a clickable link:
=== Hyphenation rules Rules ===
This has some characters predefined where Hans “likes” URLs to break (see the list at the beginning of [[source:lang-url.lua|lang-url.lua]], cf. [ a message on ntg-context]).
== Setting color Color and style Style ==For \{{cmd|url}}:


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