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=== Escaping of Special Characters ===
You might be interested in [[URL#Avoid_Escaping_Characters|not escaping characters]].
Note that special characters, eg hash sign, percent sign, must be escaped by backslash.
Send mail to \MailTo{foo@bar.zzz}{Mr. Foo}
=== Avoid Escaping Characters ===
In case you don’t want to escape characters from your URLs, you might want to use the following command:
<context source="yes">
\setupnotation[footnote][alternative=serried, numbercommand=\tfx]
But you have to consider one option to make it work:
* Setting <cmd>asciimode</cmd> for the whole document.<p>Comments won’t work, because <code>%</code> will be considered a standard character.</p>
* Wrapping all URLs inside <cmd>startasciimode</cmd>...<cmd>stopasciimode</cmd>.<p>If you use URLs inside footnotes, it is the whole footnote which has to be inside the pair of commands.</p><p>Comments inside the mode won’t work.</p>
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