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A typical use of Unicode blocks is in the definition of '''fallback''' fonts to provide glyphs for certain characters. Sometimes, when writing a document in ConTeXt, one needs to typeset special symbols that are not available in the base font of the document. In such a situation, one can specify a fallback font to provide these missing symbols.
For example, in the following document, containing verses from the Wikipedia article on ''Jabberwocky''<ref>Wikipedia contributors, ''Jabberwocky'', Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopaedia, 2017-11-03, 07:58 UTC,, Retrieved 2017-11-03</ref>, the base font [[TeX Gyre|TeX Gyre Pagella]] does not have the glyphs for Cyrillic characters, whose code points are in the Unicode block {{code|Cyrillic}}. The document uses the {{cmd|definefallbackfamily}} command to get the glyphs for this block from the {{code|DejaVu Serif}} font. The ConTeXt name of the block is supplied as the value of the key {{code|range}} in the last setup of the command.
<context source=yes text="Here is an image showing the relevant part of the PDF file obtained by running context on a file containing this document:">


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