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\definefontfallback [xits-fallback] [file:xits-math.otf] [023B0,023B1]
\definefontsynonym [MathRoman] [modern] [fallbacks=xits-fallback]
$Consider this increasing sequence of moustached primes: \startformula \lmoustache 11 \rmoustache <  \lmoustache 29 \rmoustache <  \lmoustache a 31 \rmoustache$<  \lmoustache 37 \rmoustache <  \lmoustache 41 \rmoustache\stopformula
(The example does not work on Here is an image showing the Wiki due to the lack relevant part of the XITS fontPDF file obtained by running {{code|context}} on a file containing this document: [[File:unicode-blocks-in-context-example.)png]]
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