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Open Command promt. Do this by using Cortana: Search for cmd.exe. Right click on the search result and select "run as admin".
Command prompt should be in C:\Users\MyUserName\
 Type in "cd.. " -> Enter ->  Once again type in "cd.. " -> Enter Now you are should be at path "C:\". If not, repeat "cd.." Type in "cd context" 
You are now at C:\context
Tpe in <tt>first-setup.bat</tt> -> Enter.
This should print out much output and take a while (maybe 5 mins). 
Check if there is a folder C:\context\tex
If no such folder has been created, this step failed. (It failed for me using <tt>C:\Programme\context</tt> and I resolved it by using <tt>C:\context\</tt>


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