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Note the two possible definitions, and the pitfalls with each one. If you are still having trouble with specific {{cmd|index}} commands, try using the alternative definition. When they are used in the right context, these three possible ways of placing an index term (the plain {{cmd|index}}, or it wrapped in one of the two possible {{cmd|doflushatpar}}s, should solve any problem.
=Impact on hyphenation, and on line breaking as a consequence=
{{cmd|index}} is attached to a word, so it modifies the word boundaries. That influences its hyphenation and likely the paragraph's line breaking. To prevent that, you can write:
This is an indexed term\wordboundary\index{Term}. % instead of simply ... term\index{Term}.
That way, ConTeXt knows that the word "term" is ended by the "m" and not by something attached to it by {{cmd|index}}, and the effect on hyphenation and line breaking is the same as if we wrote:
This is an indexed term.


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