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Often it makes sense to use a preset (e.g. "lefttop") and move the contents with "hoffset" and "voffset" (positive values move into the page, negative values move into the outer borders).
* next: layer appears on the following page
* continue: layer appears on all pages except the first
==Layers on top==
Usually, layers are in the background of your page (or text area). But sometimes you need your layer content on top of the regular content. Then you must set the foreground as one of the backgrounds like this:
The order of backgrounds from left to right is from bottom to top.
==Line breaking and fixed size==
== Layers and the delayed font mechanism ==
'''TL;DR: Setup your fonts before your layers.'''
Until some years ago the Latin Modern font was always automatically
* Example of [[Alternating backgrounds and repeating layers]] and [[Draft Watermark]]
* [ Layer vs. overlay] by Wolfgang
* {{cmd|setupbackgrounds}}
* {{cmd|definelayer}}, {{cmd|setuplayer}}
* {{cmd|setlayer}}, {{cmd|setlayerframed}}
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