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First, have a look at the [[ConTeXt distribution's Fonts|21 provided fonts]] and the associated typescript name:
= Use one Change the provided fontsfont used in the document = To change the font used in the entire document (including headers and footers), use {{cmd|setupbodyfont}} and the associated [[ConTeXt distribution's Fonts|typescript name]]. : <texcode>\setupbodyfont[thetypescriptname]</texcode> By default, the font is used at 11pt. To change the font size, specify the font size with the the typescript name. For example, to switch to 10pt, use: : <texcode>\setupbodyfont[typescriptname, 10pt]</texcode> By default, out the serif (or roman) style of the box =font is used. To switch to sans serif style, add <code>ss</code> to {{cmd|setupbodyfont}}: : <texcode>\setupbodyfont[typescriptname, ss]</texcode> These options can be combined. So, to get sans serif font at 12pt, use: : <texcode>\setupbodyfont[typescriptname, ss, 12pt]</texcode>
; #1. Declare the font you want to use for your document with {{cmd|setupbodyfont}} and the associated [[ConTeXt distribution's Fonts|typescript name]].
:* <texcode>\setupbodyfont[thetypescriptname]</texcode>
; #2. Specify the font size
:* <texcode>\setupbodyfont[xxpt]</texcode>
To learn how to use different alternative styles of a given font, like regular / bold / italic, see the [[Font_Switching]] in the [[Basics]].

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