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(some of these are obsolete...)
===ConTeXt LMTX===
As of 2020-06-06, the ConTeXt LMTX distribution does not provide a built-in way to install or update modules. However, (something like) the following can be used to install and update all modules together with the rest of the distribution. The snippet must be run from the toplevel directory of the ConTeXt LMTX distribution, i.e. the directory that contains <tt></tt>.
Because the final <tt>tex/texmf-modules</tt> must contain the union of all individual module directories, the snippet creates and leaves an intermediate <tt>modules</tt> directory in the toplevel directory of the ConTeXt LMTX distribution. There may be a more clever way of using <tt>rsync</tt>, that does not need an intermediate directory. On the other hand, as of 2020-06-06, only 37MB of space are wasted.
# Transfer all modules from the ConTeXt Garden.
# No -p (--perms) is given to rsync, because, as of 2020-06-06, many
# files (e.g. all files in
# modules/t-letter/tex/context/third/letter/style) would come out
# world-writeable, which may pose a significant security risk on a
# multi-user system.
# The --chmod=D755,F644 may not be necessary. However, as of
# 2020-06-06, without it files come out with executable bits set.
rsync -rltsv --new-compress --delete --chmod=D755,F644 \
rsync:// \
# Recreate tex/texmf-modules as an empty directory. WARNING: This
# assumes that you have nothing but modules from ConTeXt Garden in
# tex/texmf-modules.
rm -rf tex/texmf-modules
mkdir -p tex/texmf-modules
# Create the union of all modules in tex/texmf-modules.
for module in modules/* ; do
rsync -rlts --exclude=/VERSION ${module}/ tex/texmf-modules
# Update the ConTeXt LMTX distribution. Alternatively, if you do not
# want to do that, you have to run mtxrun --generate.
sh ./
===TeX Live===


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