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→‎Installing LMTX on macOS 10.15 Catalina: delete complicated workaround for apple quarantine
* execute <code>xattr -d context-osx-64/bin/mtxrun</code>, or
* (not recommended) go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab > Developer Tools, and allow Terminal to run software that does not meet the system's security policy.
The following describes another, more involved, procedure that achieves the same result:
=== Another procedure (probably to delete now) ===
First obtain a complete tree of {{code|context-osx-64/}} that works on macOS 10.14 or previous, from someone you know. You can always contact the ConTeXt mailing list & ask for this from someone (one day there might be a direct distribution of this zip file). If you yourself have access to macOS 10.14 or previous, you can follow [[#Installing LMTX on macOS up to 10.14|the instructions above]] & create a {{code|context-osx-64/}} tree, then copy that tree on a USB memory stick & transfer it to your macOS 10.15. In this case, you should wipe the {{code|tex/texmf-cache/}} folder in the copy intended for macOS 10.15.
Disable the SIP (System Integrity Protection), following the instructions given [ here], for example. Later, you can restore the SIP, once the installation of LMTX is over.
In a Terminal window, reinstate the Anywhere option in Gatekeeper (visible in Apple menu -> Preferences -> Security & Privacy) by typing:
sudo spctl --master-disable
Later, you can put back the Gatekeeper default by saying
sudo spctl --master-enable
once the installation of LMTX is over.
Restart your Mac and put the folder {{code|context-osx-64/}} wherever you wish—for instance, in your home directory. Thus the path to your future LMTX directory will be {{code|'''~/context-osx-64/'''}}.
At this point, you may enable SIP and Gatekeeper again.
In order to update to the latest version of LMTX, in a Terminal run:
cd '''~/context-osx-64/'''
The update should go ahead without any interference from Gatekeeper or SIP, even if you have reverted them to their default settings.
== Running LMTX from the Terminal ==

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