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→‎Running LMTX from the Terminal: top-level <<LMTX>>/bin should not be in PATH
== Running LMTX from the Terminal ==
If you want to run LMTX from the Terminal interface in any directory, you should add the path of your installation to $PATH by adding this to your {{code|.bashrc}} (10.14 and earlier) or {{code|.zshenv}} (10.15) (or another configuration file, depending on your flavor of shell interface): export PATH=$PATH:'''~/context-osx-64/'''bin:'''~/context-osx-64/'''tex/texmf-osx-64/bin
''Reminder: if you have installed {{code|context-osx-64/}} elsewhere, please replace the segment {{code|'''~/context-osx-64/'''}} in the above code with the path to that directory.''

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