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''This page is about editing pages on this wiki in general. For editing command reference pages, also see [[Help:Reference]].''
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== General ==
There are a few other templates that may be useful:
* <tt><nowiki>{{todo|}}</nowiki></tt> adds a page to the [[:Category:ToDo|ToDo list]]. This is intended for wiki pages that need more work done.
* <tt><nowiki>{{howto}}}</nowiki></tt> adds a page to the [[:Category:How to|How to list]]. This is for wiki pages that you would like to be on the [[:Category:ToDo|ToDo list]], but where you are not sure whether the current page is the right place to add the documentation.
* <tt><nowiki>{{bug|}}}</nowiki></tt> adds a page to the [[:Category:Bugreports|Bug reports list]]. This is for problems you find in ConTeXt and/or the ConTeXt installation on the server. ''Not for wiki page problems!'' (you should fix those yourself, or add one of the two previous templates.)
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