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The original article on formatting for My Way seemed to need updating (I followed its instructions but couldn't get them to work), so I have updated it.
[[This Way - My Way#MyWay|My Way]] is an online publication whose articles are primarily short introductions to specific aspects of ConTeXt. To give My Way articles a consistent look, they are formatted in a specific style that is set up by the <code>magazine-basic</code> module. This style should be used for My Way articles only, since using it for other documents might confuse readers in their expectations. Formatting an article for My Way is simple. Just do three things: # Use the <code>magazine-basic</code> module.# Write an abstract and enclose it in {{cmd|startbuffer|[abstract]}} and {{cmd|stopbuffer}}.# Specify the article's metadata (title, author, affiliation if there is one, and date) as keyword-value options for {{cmd|startdocument}}. With the <code>magazine-basic</code> module, the abstract actually doesn't appear in the article anywhere, but you should still include it since it might be used in some other or later version of the My Way style. Here's a minimal example of a My Way article:<texcode>\usemodule[magazine-basic] \startbuffer[abstract]This is a very abstract abstract.\ldots\stopbuffer \startdocument[title={Example My Way article}, author={Arthur Author}, affiliation={University of the Round Table}, date={October 20, 2020}] % put the article's text here\dorecurse{10}{\input knuth}  \stopdocument</texcode>By modifying this example, you can easily format your own article for My Way. For more information and inspiration, look through the source code that is shown at the end of recent [[This Way - My Way#ThisWay|This Way]] articles.  {{note| This What follows below is just a copy of the original article [ How to make a MyWay] for from 2003, so it may be outdated, and the ease of online viewingdetails may no longer be correct.}}
[[This Way - My Way#MyWay|My Way]] is a ConTeXt related publication, in most cases short introductions to new functionality. The style may be used by users for providing similar documents, but preferably not for other purposes, since it may confuse readers in their expectations.


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