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The predefined styles are loaded from external files with the {{cmd|useletterstyle}} command, in the past these files had names in the form <style>.nls. The name system has changed and personal styles have to follow the form “letter-<style>.tex”, you could also use “mkiv” and “mkii” as extensions.
It is possible to change the default input method to the one used by Hans
Hagen in the m-letter module or Donald Knuths Knuth’s letter style in the TeXbook.
The manual for the module was included in some versions of the package and is available from:
phone={+31 (0)38 477\,53\,69},
mobile={+31 (0)38 477\,53\,69},
email={hh@pragma-ade.comnl}, web={www.pragma-ade.comnl},
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